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Cantor Stephanie Shore

Favorite Shpiel #1: Forbidden Broadway:

Esther's Lament (Adelaide's Lament) | Guys and Dolls Purim

It's Purim (Tradition) | Megillah on the Roof

You're the One That I Want| Schmaltz.. a Greased Purim

Gonna Kill Those Jews in a Hurry (Surrey with the Fringe on Top) | Oyklahoma

Why Can't a Persian Be More Like a Jew (Hymn to Him) | My Fair Maydel

I am Vashti (I Feel Pretty) | Middle East Side Story

Favorite Shpiel #2: Top 40 Shpiel

Megillah's Out of Sight (Dynamite) | M'Glee'la

I'm Jewish, We Want to Stay (Party in the USA) | Harry Potter Purim

Believer | Shushan Shrek

Humiliated (Complicated) | Spiderman Purim

Be My Queen (Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake) | Unwinding Megeelo (Finding Nemo Purim)

I'll Have a Ball (I Want it All) | East Shushan High


Favorite Shpiel #3: Musical Genre Shpiel

Esther B. Good (Johnny B. Good) | Megillah Around the Clock

It's Been a Hard Day's Night | Beatles Purim

Shushan Girl (California Girls) | Beach Boychicks... Beach Boys Purim

We're Purim Shpielin' (I Got a Feelin') | Harry Potter Purim

We've Got Tradition (Don't Stop Believin') | M'Glee'la

Thorn (Torn) | Rugrats Purim


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